Regarding My Photography!

I'll start by stating that I'm not a photographer and here you will only find a collection of my texture related photographs which I use only in my design work on a need be basis.
If and when I need photographs of professional quality I ask various photographers for professional images. And as it goes for most photographers they all come from a variety of narrow fields of specializations, some are good car photographers others excellent food and beverage photographers and so on and so forth. If you are interested in high level of photography then please let me advise you to not continue further on this page.

I am a big follower of photography. Let me state this, photos are both of good quality and of bad quality. The end! Good quality photographs are usually done by professionals while bad quality photographs are product of amateurs. This scenario is rarely inverted. Professional photographs are done by people dedicated to this medium and have a large backlog of photo related information so, if you need a photograph for a set project, don't do it yourself, hire a professional and he will get the job done right.
Photography is some serious stuff!

Dmitry L.NEMET

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